Sedna Containers EN

20ft accommodation container

Technical data

          Floor type:     Chipboard 22 mm with vinyl floor cover
        Availability:     Lease
                                Lease purchase

         Certification:    Germanischer Lloyd “type test”
          Dimensions:    LxBxH in mm.
                   Extern:    6.055 x 2.435 x 2.591
                   Intern:     5.860 x 2.240 x 2.340

                  Volume:   m3
                  Weight:   1.950 kg
         Max payload:  
  Max total weight

The 20ft SEDNA accommodation container is standard provided with mineral wool insulation, electrical installation, 1x external door,2x window with tilt and turn mechanism and PVC roll shutters. Spray painted in Ral 5010.

Optional i.a
– Air-conditioning
– Extra windows and doors
– Spray paint in company colors
– Special insulation( fire proof)
– Anti-burglary
– Separation wall
– Toilet
– Inside height 2.540 mm

Accessoires & Modificatie

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