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20ft Double Door container

Technical data

          Floor type:     Wood
        Availability:     Lease

        Certification:    ISO, CSC
         Dimensions:    LxWxH in mm.
                  Extern:    6.058×2.438×2.591
                  Intern:    5.844×2.344×2.376

                  Volume: 33 m
                   Weight: 2.800 kg
         Max payload:  27.680 kg
Max total weight: 30.480 kg

The 20ft double door has been made out of corten steel and provided with a wooden floor, container doors on both short sides, galvanized locking equipment and a lockbox (anti burglary). Application storage, passengers tunnel, modification and transportation.

Optional i.a :

– Anti burglary
– Electrical Installation
– Insulation
– Steel personal door
– Windows
– Racks
– Ramp
– Spray paint in company colours and logo

Accessoires & Modificatie

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