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40ft Reefer container

Technical data

           Floor type:    T-bar floor
         Availability:    Lease

         Certification:    ISO,CSC & Pre Trip Inspected 
          Dimensions:    LxBxH in mm.
                   Extern:   12.158×2.438×2.591
                   Intern:   11.583×2.294×2.276

                  Volume:   60 m3
                  Weight:   4.900 kg
         Max payload:   27.600 kg
  Max total weight:  32.500 kg

The 40ft reefer container can be used for cooling and freezing. The container is provided with an aluminum T-bar floor, stainless lining inside and container doors. We can transport the container including cargo with our truck. We can sale or lease your reefer container. Want to rent a container? Both short and long term rental period is possible at SEDNA Containers. Our containers are used at events as temporary cooling for the caterer or as extra cooling during the busy holiday season at retail

Optional i.a :

– Lighting
– Temperature alarm
– Flat floor
– Embedded Alarm
– Cold curtain
– Data logger
– Extra personnel door
– Data logger
– Ramp
– Spray paint in company colours and logo

Accessoires & Modificaties

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