Sedna Containers EN

Reefer containers

A reefer container can be used for cooling and freezing. The container is provided with an aluminum T-bar floor, RVS inside and container doors.

Buy and lease

We can transport the container including cargo with our trucks. We can lease, but you also can buy your reefer container. Want to rent a container? Both short and long term rental period is possible at SEDNA Containers. Our containers are used at events as temporary cooling for the caterer or extra cooling during the busy holiday season at retail.


SEDNA Containers is the supplier for companies who want to ship their cargo to overseas areas. Our range consists of;

  • 10ft
  • 10ft High Cube
  • 20ft
  • 20ft High Cube
  • 40ft and 40ft High Cube
  • 45ft High Cube pallet wide
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