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Extra services

Testing and inspection

SEDNA Containers take care of all your inspections and, if necessary, at your location.

CSC certification for ISO containers;
MPI & Load testing offshore containers;
– Visual inspection offshore containers;
– Pre trip inspection reefer containers;


SEDNA Containers has the ability to store the containers safe for you.

– Access during office hours.


In the shipping industry the term cabotage generally refers to a setup in which one party of the agreement transports his goods between two destinations using the other party’s container.

This solution is mutually beneficial as one party saves the cost of acquiring the means of transportation while the other party saves the cost of moving the means of transport between the two destinations.

The fact that SEDNA Containers B.V. is active in several different markets, means that we can also offer our containers for cabotage between our markets. A cabotage solution is an exceptionally well suited way of achieving a win-win situation. By agreeing to this relatively simple collaboration you can create a solution that carries immediate cost-savings for both parties and as such, contributes to improving profitability.


The development of cabotage solutions and cooperation is a major priority to us, and we are continuously searching for new opportunities and partners within and outside our markets.

If you are interested in becoming a partner in terms of cabotage in one or more markets, please feel free to contact us and present your idea or suggestion. You are also more than welcome to contact us to learn more about what we can offer.

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