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Temporary storage

SEDNA Containers rents and sells new and used containers for various applications. Think of temporary storage of liquids in a drip container, temporary storage of temperature sensitive materials in refrigerated containers, adjusting containers for the installation of generators or compressors with doors, windows, steel flooring, ventilation, electrical installation etc.

Storage of raw materials

Industry for the manufacture of goods from raw materials (natural gas, oil). In addition to these heavy industry there is also the production of goods. Producing means adding value to products. It actually covers all products that you can buy as a consumer, so her shampoo, a bottle of Coke or a mobile phone. In particular, the manufacture of raw materials can be important for the economy of a country. Is a commodity not available in their own country, then it must be imported. This could push up the price of a product considerably. There is also a lot of competition in this sector and as a result of the globalization of innovation is becoming increasingly important.
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